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[27/07/2014] Nathan | Nerd HQ


#that moment after she kisses him #how she turns around with her eyes closed #savoring the moment #she’s so fucking happy #still on the high of them #weeks spent beneath the sheets #his hands mapping her body #her lips tasting his skin #weeks of contagious smiles #and looks that still say much more than they could ever put into words #it’s them now #and they’re both so fucking happy #FAVE (via tellme0urstory)

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I love the way he puts his hands through her hair and apologizes because he doesn’t want to hurt her and then she caresses his face and sinks down but he catches her

I don’t think we look at this as much as we should it almost has more meaning than the ILY scene in the end or any of the kissing scenes. She stopped fighting him and they just caress each others faces.


Now every time Stana posts a picture to Twitter I think she’s trying to tell us something so I sit staring at the picture but I DON’T UNDERSTAND JUST USE YOUR WORDS I’M IMPATIENT AND WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO POOR KATE AND HER CASTLE